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  1. Hello Martin, Thank you for your answer, it helped me solve the problem I had, actually I was using capacitors in series without defining the initial charge as undefined.
  2. Hello everybody, When using ELN MoC, I frequently get errors of this type : Error: SystemC-AMS: Initialization equation system failed in sca_linear_solver_0: 4 The error is in the following net (max. 50): MN_antenna_i.v_tx1 MN_antenna_i.r01 MN_antenna_i.l01 MN_antenna_i.c01 MN_antenna_i.c11 MN_antenna_i.c12 ... ... The error is may be near: MN_antenna_i.c02 So, I have a question for you : Is there a way to have more details about this error so we can know exactly where it's coming from ? Thank you,
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