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Config checking in UVM1.1

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Anyone tried the new +UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE option in UVM1.1? Is it broken?

I'm using set & get calls on uvm_config_db and adding the +UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE option does not generate any new output.

Whereas using the +UVM_RESOURCE_DB_TRACE option reports get calls for every sodding property in my testbench, including default_sequence for every UVC in every run phase; recording_detail for every component; etc etc.

Is this the expected behavior? Are there no filtering options?

I'm resorting to the old check_config_usage() call, the output of which is significantly worse than in UVM1.0EA..

Config debugging seems to be going backwards in UVM1.0/1.1. Given some of my users like the regexp options in config sets, this is getting painful..

Anyone have any good options for config debug in UVM1.0/1 besides the above?

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Hi Uwe

Not sure if that bug description is correct:-

>>>A bug in uvm_config_db.svh causes the UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE option to be ignored and use UVM_RESOURCE_DB_TRACE instead.

In my experience the UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE option is ignored full stop. Not replaced by the resource trace as implied by the description..

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Hi uwe

Attached is a simple test case with incorrect config database set call on property config_item in the path uvm_test_top.env.

The check_phase method of the test class contains a check_config_usage() call to confirm the incorrect configuration and a call to uvm_config_db_options::is_tracing() to check if the configuration tracing is enabled.

Adding +UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE adds no extra output to the log, but is_tracing() returns 1.

With +UVM_RESOURCE_DB_TRACE option, I get additional output like this:-

UVM_INFO ***uvm-1.1/src/base/uvm_resource_db.svh(130) @ 0: reporter [CFGDB/SET] Configuration 'uvm_top.env.config_item' (type unknown) set by  = ?
UVM_INFO ***uvm-1.1/src/base/uvm_resource_db.svh(130) @ 0: reporter [CFGDB/GET] Configuration 'uvm_test_top.recording_detail' (type unknown) read by uvm_test_top = null (failed lookup)
UVM_INFO ***uvm-1.1/src/base/uvm_resource_db.svh(130) @ 0: reporter [CFGDB/GET] Configuration 'uvm_test_top.recording_detail' (type unknown) read by uvm_test_top = null (failed lookup)
UVM_INFO top.sv(39) @ 0: uvm_test_top [test1] Config tracing = 0

i.e. correct ID of the failed configuration of config_item, plus the extra recording_detail overhead, and confirmation that configuration tracing is disabled.

So it looks like +UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE is not aliased to resource coverage, but just doesn't work.

Simulation run on IUS9.3s37 with UVM1-1

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you can access the read-only repository using git.

git checkout git://uvm.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/uvm/uvm

git checkout –t origin/UVM_1_1_BUGFIX

any mantis_* and Mantis_* branches are fixes of the appropriate mantis issues. UVM_1_1_BUGFIX is the latest code leading to the next uvm version.


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