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reference to component hierarchy from inside sequence class

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I am working a simple test bench that has one master agent, and multiple slave agents. Each slave agent has some properties that are randomized. I want to generate constrained random stimulus from the master agent to any of the slaves. I am stuck trying to get a reference to the test environment (derived from uvm_env) from within the sequence class.

I have derived a class from uvm_sequence, and want to reference the slave agents in order to constrain the generated stimulus.

What is the best way for sequences body() to read constraints from other test environment components.


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you might use your sequencer from within the sequence via get_sequencer() or when using the uvm_declare_p_sequencer() macro plus the p_sequencer field. once you know your sequencer you can traverse the way you want. as alternativ you can use jade's suggested path or you could use the uvm_config_db to share your config under a known key and access the db from any place such as within a sequence.

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Thanks for the tips. I was able to get a pointer to the component using the find_all method.

class my_squence extends uvm_sequence #(myTransactionType1)

uvm_root top;

uvm_component compList[$];

virtual task body();

top = uvm_root::get()



I have not tried the get_sequencer() method yet, but I think it would lead to more portable code, so I may try going back to that later on.

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