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ERROR reoport during make vcs env

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follow the README.file , did we need a tool-specific-distribution overlay from synopsys compary?

then the run the according makefile the UVM-HOME location?

You must then obtain from your SystemVerilog tool vendor a tool-specific

distribution overlay. That overlay may be specific to the machine

architecture and/or operating system you are using. Make sure you provide

the output of the '$UVM_HOME/bin/uvm_os_name' script as well as the version

of the simulator you are using when requesting a UVM overlay from your vendor.

% $UVM_HOME/bin/uvm_os_name

IUS: % irun -version

Questa: % vlog -version

VCS: % vcs -ID

Follow the installation instructions provided by your tool vendor for

installing the overlay in your UVM installation.

Note to EDA vendors: to support multiple tool-specific overlays in the

same UVM distribution, please locate any tool-specific files in a

tool-specific sub-directory.

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I can't speak directly for VCS, but I would not expect you to need any special files to compile the UVM distribution. There are some files in the distribution related to dpi that may not be needed by your particular tool flow.

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the deal is the following: either

(A) you compile the DPI-C code yourself and link it with the simulator using tool specific switches

(B) you get a precompiled binary of the DPI-C code for your architecture and you simply link it in

© the vendor is providing you with a special switch in their distribution which does (B) for you (and for instance the compile of the uvm library)

please note that the vendors may ship extended versions of DPI-C library and/or UVM to enable additional features (such as tcl queries, commands,

transaction recording). so in summary you can most likely run withput a vendor vendor overlay given you follow (A) BUT you may not get potential additional features.


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