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about `ovm_update_sequence_lib(_and_item)

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why UVM removed `ovm_update_sequence_lib(_and_item) macros? Is there some other macro that can be used as the same function? Could you helps?

The replacement for the old `uvm_update_sequence_lib_and_item macro is to use Sequence Libraries. However these are "late" additions to the standard & I'm not 100% sure of their status. They work tho'.

Here's something simple to try:-

Declare a sequence library & add the sequences you want to access in the library:

class my_seq_lib extends uvm_sequence_library #(my_packet);


  function new(string name="my_seq_lib");


Create an instance of the library in a test class:-

   my_seq_lib myseqs;

  function new(string name, uvm_component parent);
    super.new(name, parent);
    myseqs = my_seq_lib::type_id::create("myseqs",this);
  endfunction : new

Set the properties of the instance in the build_phase of the test class:

   myseqs.selection_mode = UVM_SEQ_LIB_RAND;
From the test class, set the sequence library instance to run on a specific sequencer in a run phase:

uvm_config_db #(uvm_sequence_base)::set(this, "*.env.agent.sequencer.run_phase",

With a selection mode of UVM_SEQ_LIB_RAND, you should get uvm_random_sequence-like behaviour over the sequences you added to the sequence library.

You can also set min/max_random_count properties of the instance in order to control the number of sequences randomly executed.

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