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phasing in uvm-1.0

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UVM-1.0 Phasing, Presently user guide does not contain any information about it, So I read the reference HTML docs. Got couple of questions(could be silly!), here they are.

1. Correct me if wrong, run_phase() gets kicked off and runs in parallel to all others task based phases (pre_reset_phase through post_shutdown_phase. Right?

2. What is the exact difference between run_phase and main_phase? Both seems to be looking similar. What should be the choice to select one for the actual run thread of a transactor/driver/monitor or any other component? Is run_phase provided just for the backward compatibilty?

3. From reference HTML it looks like, once all the run_phase() methods are completed(and their objections are dropped) simulation ends (after extract,report etc phases..). What if other phases such as main_phase, are running and all run_phase gets completed?


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answering your questions:

#1 yes

#2 the difference is (as noted before) run* gets spawned in parallel to all other runtime phases. main IS one of a set of runtime phases. "run" is there to support old-style OVM/UVM10EA envs within UVM10.

#3 once all fine-grained phases have ended and the parallel run has ended simulation progresses to extract, report etc

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