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reset dut before letting agent specific sequences execute

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I have an environment containing two independent agents doing their own thing with drivers, sequencers & sequences.

I need to reset my DUT before letting anything happen. This is a sort of global reset that I need to perform before anything can proceed. I am guessing I need to do this in the uvm_env. I have a reset_dut uvm_object with access to reset_interface and can function independently.

I need to be able to let this object perform its duties before letting the agents phases initiate.

1. Which specific phase in uvm_env would you say I should do this?

2. Would you recommend I have an env_seq and env_sqr for doing this?



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the full UVM solution could be:

1. create a pin-wiggler verification component (makes the reset, potentially via a sequence...)

2. the two agents can use the new phases in UVM (block their reset_phase() until the reset is de-asserted), the normal behaviour would run in the phases following the reset_phase()...

i think there are more solutions depending upon your actual project/size/scope



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Hi Uwe,

Thanks for the reply.

I am a newbie with UVM. I don't quite understand what you mean by " the two agents can use the new phases in UVM" which new phases are you referring to exactly? Also is there a way to have a global sequencer that has a global sequence registered with it which can initiate more local sequences like read/write sequences?


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