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Issue with b _transport

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Hello ,

i have a scenario where there is tlm scokets btw two module

Module 1 have two threads A & B running independently and module 2 has single thread  C

now i problem is thread1 is activated first(assume) and after some transaction waits in b_transport ,

by wait here i mean some qeue is there which is updated by thread C .now thread B becomes active

and call b_transport which brings the thread A out of wait (it doesnt suppose to happen as it qeue is not updated)

and produce unwanted result ...


how to control this ...right now i am using a while loop in wait qeue for thread A so that it keep on waiting (it is working)

but not sure whether it is the right appoarch ....


hope u understand ...pls help 

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Some code (even pseudo) would help with understanding your need. Your description is unclear.

pseudo code as-

Module 1 -> module 2 (TM connection)

in module 1



       taking data X from qeueu 1


    thread 2();{

       taking data Y from qeueu 2




module 2


   btransport (){

      if queue 1 is empty then wait

     else read data from queue 1





note 1 - queue 1 is filled from thread in module 2 contains data for both thread1 and thread 2


now the issue is at some stage both thread 1 and thread 2 are waiting for data to be written on queue1 ...

now as soon as data is written on queue 1 i want to control which thread to trigger from module 1 as order of data is not fixed ..


any solution suggested here ...

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