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Problem with backdoor access to UVM_MEM

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I'm trying to perform backdoor access to uvm_mem.


For some reason, the Xcheck_accessX function in uvm_mem, override my map with pseudo map.


From this function:

        rw.map = uvm_reg_map::backdoor();

From uvm_reg_map:

   // Function: backdoor
   // Return the backdoor pseudo-map singleton
   // This pseudo-map is used to specify or configure the backdoor
   // instead of a real address map.
I need an important data from my map (the uvm_mem base address).
why to override it?
How can I overcome this?
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Does anyone have an answer to this question about use of the backdoor.  


I encountered a related problem to this map override issue described in this post.




I can't see any way around it and any way to not get the warning from the register model that I described for any back door write.





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