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Machansim for defining System Modes


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I have an IP-XACT descripiton of my hierachical system. i.e. It is a design in which a number of components (each of which includes registers), plus a CPU.


I am now looking for a mechansim for defining run time modes or configurations. e.g. I can configure my system to be in TX or RX mode at run time.

Each of these modes is associated with a number of registers, each of which must contain the correct value. i.e. Each mode is defined by a list of tuples {RegisterReference, Value}

NB: The same register may be associated with more than one mode.


So, two questions

1) Am I using the correct terminology. i.e. Is my definition of System Mode generally accepted?

2) What IP-XACT mechansims are generally used to implement this functionality?







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Hello Steven,


The term "System Mode" in relation to register is not an IP-XACT term. Rather System Mode is a bus interface mode in IP-XACT. So this is a little bit confusing.


I believe the IP-XACT mechanism that you are looking for is alternate registers. This allows you to define multiple registers at the same address, each with its own properties. I must admit that I have no experience in using it.


Best regards,


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