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  1. Hi Martin, The obvious next question - is there any rough timeframe for review and release? Is it likely to be weeks or months or years? Thanks, Steven
  2. Hi, I have an IP-XACT descripiton of my hierachical system. i.e. It is a design in which a number of components (each of which includes registers), plus a CPU. I am now looking for a mechansim for defining run time modes or configurations. e.g. I can configure my system to be in TX or RX mode at run time. Each of these modes is associated with a number of registers, each of which must contain the correct value. i.e. Each mode is defined by a list of tuples {RegisterReference, Value} NB: The same register may be associated with more than one mode. So, two questions 1) Am I using the correct terminology. i.e. Is my definition of System Mode generally accepted? 2) What IP-XACT mechansims are generally used to implement this functionality? Cheers, Steven
  3. Hi, I am aware that there is a proposed LRM and proof of concept implementation of UVM-SystemC. However, I cannot find any downloads on Accelera website - is it only available to Accelera Members, or am I missing something? Thanks, Steven
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