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Incisive Transaction Recording Support: Where?

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I found an appnote on Cadence-sourcelink: "HowtoRunUVMlibrarywithIncisive.pdf"

The following section interests me:


You can create transactions from your UVM environments and analyze them
using Simvision waveform analysis window or the Transaction Stripe Chart window.
To enable transaction recording you can obtain the uvm_cdns_recording tarball from
uvmworld.org contributions site. This package adapts UVM recording api to create
transactions that are stored in SST2 database.

This package provides a uvm_pkg.sv file that includes transaction recording support.
Replace $UVM_HOME/uvm_pkg.sv in your compile.f file with the following:



I searched for this package at UVM Contributions, but couldn't find it. Where do I get it?

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this package has not been posted to uvm world. normally (this was the case with ovm) cadence did supply this as part of the embedded ovm distribution. no addon work was necessary to transactions in simvision. the easiest way to get the package is to contact cadence support or your local ae.



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.... in addition to the search time

- the OVM (and later the UVM) versions under ..../tools/ will be actively bugfixed

- if you use "-uvm" it will enable a couple of improvements in handling UVM such as (tcl command support, library precompile, simvision addons/filters etc)



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