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Phase jump does not work as expected when multiple phases are running in parallel in different schedules.

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In our  testbench , we have added a new schedule pcie_main_schedule which runs in parallel with uvm_main_phase. This schedule consists of four phase lets say phase_a , phase_b , phase_c and phase_d.


So the flow looks as shown below:





<Other run time phase >



Main_phase           |    phase_a

|                           |

|                           |

|                         phase_b

|                           |

|                           |

|                          phase_c

|                           |

|                           | 

|                          phase_d

|                         /

|                      /

|                   /

|                /      

|             /

|          /

|       /

|     /

|  /




When we enter into phase_b , we issue a phase jump to uvm_pre_reset_phase. In this case I see that phase_b is killed and control goes to uvm_pre_reset_phase. But uvm_main_phase keeps on running in parallel.So simulation has both uvm_pre_reset_phase and uvm_main_phase running in parallel which is not expected. As per UVM user guide , if the jump to phase is outside of current schedule then the jump affects other schedules which share this phase. As the jump is happening from phase_b ( part of pcie_main_schedule) to uvm_pre_reset_phase( part of m_uvm_schedule) , uvm_main_phase should also have jumped . But this does not happen.



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