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Creating a makefile for the examples is quite simple. I did it for every example, which I used from Doulus or the SC TLM examples.


First you need to set some pointers to where the code is installed. You'll need to update these as installed in your system.


SYSC_INC_PREFIX = /home/pini/Home_1/pini/systemc-2.3.0/include
SYSC_LIB_PREFIX = /home/pini/Home_1/pini/systemc-2.3.0/lib-linux
includedir = /home/pini/Home_1/pini/systemc-2.3.0/include
libdir = /home/pini/Home_1/pini/systemc-2.3.0/lib-linux


You also has to setup the variable (in the make file) LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


For the example of tlm2_getting_started_4 from  Doulus: I created  a makefile, which supports the basics (+ depanadcy list creation and clean)

make run.o

make run.x

make run.exe

make DBG_OPT="gdb " run.exe


You can download the makefile (as well as minor changes to the code for debug messages) from



Also you may want to check a makefile for an example using SCV:


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