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Multi-threading and SystemC

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Hello everyone, 


I was wondering if I could run in parallel a number of processes from different modules using multi-threading in SystemC. Take into account that these processes make use of SystemC elements like signal.read etc, from the SystemC library . That means SystemC library should be multi-threading safe. The reason why i want to use multi-threading is to decrease the simulation time, i.e. increase the performance of the simulation. 


I found this link: http://www.accellera.org/activities/committees/systemc-language/ 

that states about recent activities on SystemC 2.3.0:  "  In addition, an improved simulation API and a new thread safety mechanism will allow much better interaction with external tools and support for multi-threading."


Does it mean, I can parallelize the execution of processes? and if yes how can I do it? 


Thanks in advance


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The new thread safe mechanism added to SystemC was designed to allow interaction between SystemC and other OS threads and processes. It does nothing to improve SystemC processes (SC_THREAD, SC_METHOD, etc). There have been several presentations on the former (look on NASCUG for info). There is also going to be a very interesting talk at this years NASCUG annual DAC users meeting in San Francisco on Monday afternoon (June 2). The meeting is free for attendance. It is an opportunity to talk with SystemC experts about these topics. There is also plans for an informal meeting at DAC, but date/time is not yet confirmed.

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