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Regarding multiple reset test

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I am implementing multiple reset inside UVC componenets (sequencer, driver, monitor and etc).


When reset is asserted between get_next_item() and item_done(), the following error is issued.


UVM_ERROR (SEQREQZMB) The task responsible for requesting a wait_for_grant on sequencer '....' for sequence '...' has been killed, to avoid a deadlock the sequence will be removed from the arbitration queues.



I guess this error is caused that queue for sequence item already gets a item to transfer into driver.


How can I fix this problem?

How can I remove current item from the arbitration queue?


My UVC is using run_phase(). I don't use main_phase().

So, I would like to control it using run_phse().


Thanks & Regards,

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may be the solution to your problem.


But I have many other questions regarding multiple reset, as I am wandering for:


1. What should be env behavior after reset, like whether it should resume from the killed sequence or restart test.

2. How and where you would pass the information to current sequence that there is reset.

3. What about the waiting sequences?

4. How you manage the transaction data to your scoreboard, like there is half packet latched by monitor then reset.


Are you following some existing method or approach or developed your own?


Any research paper ?


Thanks for replying,


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Dear Karandeep,



Thanks for your reply.

I solved the problem. Your answer is very helpful. Thanks a lot.

I'm developing VIP based on UVM.

This error is related to VIP and user scenario for multiple reset test.

According to the time when reset is started and ended, this error occurs case by case.



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