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Will UVM unite OVM and VMM users?

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UVM is an extension of OVM and backward compatibility is being strongly encouraged. That's fine for OVM users, but what motivation is there for VMM users to make the switch? Accellera already offers an interoperability standard for OVM/VMM. VMM base class libraries are written in SystemVerilog and can run on multiple simulators (with minor adjustments for unsupported SV features). There's good reason for OVM users to adopt UVM; the changes are minimal and OVM development is being sunset. Converting from VMM to UVM is a bigger leap and the ROI isn't clear. In order to unite the OVM and VMM users, the burden of conversion needs to be shared. If VMM-RAL was adopted as the base register package, it would offer some consistency for existing VMM users and be a good gesture to show that UVM isn't simply the next version of OVM.

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Hi npratt,

To ease the transition from VMM to UVM for VMM users, we have been working with other Accellera team members to create an interoperability library for VMM and UVM. The VMM-UVM interoperability library will allow users to integrate their legacy VMM VIPs into newly developed UVM verification environments; this will allow existing VMM users to migrate to UVM without the need to convert their existing VMM VIPs. The VMM-UVM interop library is currently being tested by the Accellera team members and will be released soon.


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