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  1. UVM is an extension of OVM and backward compatibility is being strongly encouraged. That's fine for OVM users, but what motivation is there for VMM users to make the switch? Accellera already offers an interoperability standard for OVM/VMM. VMM base class libraries are written in SystemVerilog and can run on multiple simulators (with minor adjustments for unsupported SV features). There's good reason for OVM users to adopt UVM; the changes are minimal and OVM development is being sunset. Converting from VMM to UVM is a bigger leap and the ROI isn't clear. In order to unite the OVM and VMM user
  2. I started reading the book "A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)" by Sharon Rosenberg and Kathleen A Meade. So far, it's a good read. Are there any other recommend books, articles, presentations that would be helpful for verification engineers who are adopting UVM from scratch? How about for those who are considering converting from VMM?
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