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sc_start return on node change


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Think about how simulation works in SystemC. 

Logical time advances with events (timestamps). And in a process, every line between two wait statements (or every line of a method) is executed without any time advance. 


So, if you want the simulation not to advance time after a specific event: don't let the execution of a process reach the next wait statement. 


E.g., you may have a method sensitive to the mentioned output port. In the execution of this method, you can synchronize with your environment (Operation system wait (physical/wall-clock-time), read or set button status, ...). When the synchronization is done, let the method return and the simulation will continue.




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I'd like to run sc_start(duration) but to stop when a node change. Nodes are the out ports at top level.

Is there this feauture or could you give me guidlines how to implement it?


Maybe I did not understand your query correctly, but a sensitivity list

achieves your goal fairly easily. For example, if one were to simulate

a 2 input AND gate, then the first is set to logic '1', the second to '0'

and then sc_core::sc_start(<time duration>); is executed,

Then the first input is changed to logic '0' and the second to logic '1',

and sc_core::sc_start is invoked gain for the same time period. Hope

this helps.

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