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Error: sca_module must be associated with a concrete view!

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Hi all!


I have an error that I never had before with AMS. I have a few sc_modules with in and out TDF ports. Inside these sc_modules I have sca_modules, which are connected to those in and out TDF ports. This have been working fine until now, but I created a new class of module exactly the same way as the others and I have this error. I checked in the library and it seems like my sca_module is not assigned to any view:

if (view_interface == NULL)
	std::ostringstream str;
	str << "Error: " << name()
			<< " a sca_module must be associated with a concrete view!"
			<< std::endl;
	str << "It is not allowed to instantiate the sca_module base class."
			<< std::endl;

 I know that maybe it not clear. I can give more details. But I am totally lost with this. Any ideas?


Thanks :)

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it looks like you instantiated a sca_core::sca_module (or you derived from this class) - this is not possible. You can only derive own modules from sca_tdf::sca_module or of course you can instantiate the pre-defined sca_eln/sca_lsf modules.

In SystemC-AMS it is not allowed to derive own modules from sca_core::sca_module (see LRM).


best regards


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