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running sc_run two times


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int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	int a;

	a = sc_run(argc, argv);
	a = sc_run(argc, argv);
	return a;

I'd like to run sc_run more than one times. Is that possible? 

After the second run the a is 1, this is possible an error code.


Hello Sir,

One could use the sc_start(<args>); method to achieve

one's goal even more easily. For example, the simulator

is started with a set of inputs and sc_start is invoked for

10 nanoseconds. Then the input is changed, and sc_start

is invoked for another 10 nanoseconds and so on. Hope

that helps.

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Sorry I have this for sc_run

int sc_run( int argc, char* argv[] ) 
 return main( argc, argv );

So I'd like to run the whole simulation more times, but for the second time it returns with 1, it means probably an error code.


You probably call 'sc_main' within your 'sc_run' function, otherwise you have just built an infinite recursion.

Secondly, you should try to avoid the 'sc_' prefix in your own code.


That said, did you look at section 4 of the IEEE 1666-2011 standard, as I suggested in my previous answer?

Your 'sc_run' function is provided by SystemC already under the name sc_elab_and_sim (see 4.3.2).


From the standard's perspective, your question is partly answered already there. Quoting (emphasis mine):


Function sc_elab_and_sim shall initiate the mechanisms for running elaboration and simulation. The application should pass the values of the parameters from function main as arguments to function sc_elab_and_sim. Whether the application may call function sc_elab_and_sim more than once is implementation-defined.


The Accellera proof-of-concept implementation does not support multiple calls to 'sc_elab_and_sim'.



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