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Best Technique to Measure Simulation Times using QuestaSim

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What is the best way to measure simulation time using QuestaSim? I would like to do some same-tool benchmarks to measure simulation performance improvements using different coding styles or tricks using the same simulator.


I do not intend to do cross-tool benchmarking; only same-tool benchmarking. I will check to see if techniques used with one tool also cause similar performance improvements across multiple tools, but I will not report actual speed differences between the tools (in accordance with my tool-usage agreements with multiple vendors).


I am trying to identify best performance coding practices.


The best technique I currently have is to do: "time vsim -c -do "run -all" top-level-module"


This reports: real / user / sys times.


Regards - Cliff Cummings

Verilog & SystemVerilog Guru

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Sorry, was in a rush yesterday. Just add simstats cpu (or just simstats) to the end of your simulation script and Questa will give you a bunch of statistics including the time vsimk (the simulation kernel) runs.

vsim -c -do "run -all; simstats" top-level-module"

See the command reference manual for more info.


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