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SystemC fifo

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i had used fifo in systemC in following way


sc_fifo<int> cmd_fifo; //fifo decleration


in constructor

hci_top(sc_module_name nm):sc_module(nm), cmd_fifo(buffer_size)


its showing no compilation errros

but i want its depth like 20, and buffer size of each location of 8 bits(1 byte). Is there something we cannot change the default value of depth 16 of sc_fifo? 



How it would be possible?


i also done in following way, but its not working

sc_fifo<int depth> cmd_fifo(buffer size);




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Thanks Alan,


Now its working well. Actually I was confused with fifo depth(No of locations) and size of each location.


like there are 16 fifo depth then there are 16 locations. What is the default size of each location(like How much data can be stored like 1 byte, 2 byte or how many bytes ) and could it be configured like the depth of fifo?





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