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Run Cycles in TLM code and check output......

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Hi guys,


Now I have coded a compile clean model of TLM2.0 for a simple initiator and a target and have included PEQ. Now How do I run some cycles to make sure the outputs are correct.. Basically I need to understand what actually do you mean by running cycles through a code.....so i have a task to make sure some cyles go through the code.... Kindly help and explain... :)







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Hi Kasturi,

   I didn't reply because I don't really understand what your question is - but I'll see if I can understand better.


Answer number 1

SystemC is just C++. Just run your program at the command line. Print out messages when you send and receive each transaction. Inspect the results using your brain (or your mind? or both?)


Answer number 2.

Are you asking if you  have implemented the protocols correctly? In that case both Jeda and Doulos have TLM2 protocol checkers which you can instance between your sockets to validate your code. See for instance http://www.doulos.com/knowhow/systemc/tlm2/base_protocol_checker/


Answer number 3.

Are you asking about the functionality of what you have modelled? I.e. does it match the thing that you're trying to model? In that case you probably need a reference model to generate expected transactions.




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