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Could anybody help me with QEMU ??


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Hi Mohit


1.What is QEMU and what is its use ...??

QEMU is an open source software mostly written in C. It emulates different architectures (ARM,MIPS, PPC, and more) from host and can run binaries on it.

So you can boot android for arm on x86 PC.

As far as I know the typical use cases of QEMU are

  1. System Emulator
  2. Frontend for Virtualization

As a system emulator, android sdk uses QEMU to boot android to let developer check the application on x86 pc not on arm development board. Xilinx Xynq development kit also uses QEMU to run the software for the FPGA on x86 pc.

For virtualization, QEMU is used to virtualize x86 pc on x86 pc (or arm on arm) with KVM or XEN.



2.Can QEMU be used for VP modeling ..if Yes then how ???


Shorter answer:

Yes, Green Socs and TLMu are famous project for it. Iguess there may be similar projects more.


Longer answer:

QEMU consists of many kinds of processor models and peripheral models, so many tried to use it with SystemC.

I also succeeded to boot arm linux on my customized TLMu( QEMU processor model + SystemC peripheral models).


IMHO QEMU has 3 difficulties for integrating with SystemC.

  1. Building QEMU is sometimes troublesome because of its dependencies on many libraries.
  2. QEMU is written in C with gtk-like object system and with so many global/static variables. It is tough to understand and modify the source code. Global variables prevent you from multi-instantiation.
  3. QEMU source code is always changing and its speed is fast. It will be a painful work to catch up with the mainline release after you fork QEMU.

QEMU is a really really useful software, actually I use it for virtualization and appreciate it. But honestly its source code is not something that I would love to recommend for learning material.


I hope you will find a cool way to integrate it with SystemC.




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