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  1. Hi Mohit QEMU is an open source software mostly written in C. It emulates different architectures (ARM,MIPS, PPC, and more) from host and can run binaries on it. So you can boot android for arm on x86 PC. As far as I know the typical use cases of QEMU are System Emulator Frontend for Virtualization As a system emulator, android sdk uses QEMU to boot android to let developer check the application on x86 pc not on arm development board. Xilinx Xynq development kit also uses QEMU to run the software for the FPGA on x86 pc. For virtualization, QEMU is used to virtualize x86 pc on x86 pc
  2. Version 618f460e28420d94543e471e


    1) About this program. This small utility manipulates hierarchy information of VCD. This is useful for VCDs generated by the ASI(OSCI) SystemC PoC simulator, in which all signals are recorded in the same hierarchy named 'SystemC'. This program modifies a header of VCD so that the all signals are located in its hierarchy. It can be realized with simple script written in lightweight languages like Ruby or Perl, but slower for bigger VCDs. Such scripts have to read and write whole VCD file. This is why such scripts are slow. This program modifies header of VCD in-place. Only 1KB-100KB is read
  3. Sumit, I appreciate your feedback. I found a big problem in the previous patch, only 1 bit wire is dumped. Fixed version is uploaded to github. The latest vesion checks environmental variable SC_VCD_NO_HIERARCHY and if it is set, behave as the original one. Regards, Yutetsu.
  4. I wrote a patch to achieve this topic. I only tested with examples/sysc/pkt_switch, but it emits like followings after add some sc_trace()'s in sc_main(). The patch is available at github. Regards, Yutetsu.
  5. Philipp, Thanks for the license information. I will face-lift the source code and upload it under Apache License. thomas, Sorry for wandering from the original topic. I hope the PoC simulator emit VCD with the hierarchical structure, and it seems technically possible with some patches to the PoC simulator. I will think about it. Regards, Yutetsu.
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