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bug in uvm_reg_block - lock_model() function?

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In the uvm_reg_block::lock_model() , there is a check for duplicate names of the reg block. This check uses get_name(). Shouldn't it be using get_full_name() ??


the error that results is : `uvm_error("UVM/REG/DUPLROOT",

$sformatf("There are %0d root register models named \"%s\". The names of the root register models have to be unique",
n, get_name()))


-even when i have multiple instances of the uvm_reg_block in different heirarchies.

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i think the check is correct. uvm_reg_block's kind of behave like uvm_components. both cannot have same named entities at a particular level of the hierarchy because they form a tree. they can only use the same name in different branches of the tree.  


when a uvm_reg_block is configured one of the args is the parent. if you instantiate a reg_block you are not just instantiating it in that scope you are also building a "global" hierarchy of uvm_reg_blocks. therefore the name of the reg_block has to be unique among all of the parents children. 



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