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sc_fxcast_switch in class


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I am trying to implement float and fixed and point computation using the same code using sc_fixed<> and type casting sc_fxcast_switch().


For this, I created a class template and added the type casting code:



template <sc_switch FIXPT> class abc {

  sc_fxcast_switch  fxc(FIXPT);

  sc_fxcast_context fxc_context(fxc);


  // members

  sc_fixed<....> a, b, c;





However, the compiler does not seem to like having the type casting code in class declaration, error in VS2010:


error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'fxc'



Can sc_fxcast_context/switch be members of a class? If not, how do you control the cast switch sc_fixed<> members?





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As Alan said, you can't initialize a class member within the body of the class definition in C++ (not SystemC specific).  You need to write a constructor instead.  Something like:


template <sc_switch FIXPT>
class abc
  sc_fxcast_switch  fxc;
  sc_fxcast_context fxc_context;

  // members
  sc_fixed<....> a, b, c;

  // default constructor
    : fxc(FIXPT)
    , fxc_context(fxc)

// ...

Greetings from Oldenburg,


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