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Approach for SOC Modeling


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Hello All,


I am wondering for the approach that should be followed to model an SOC?


I know this is the huge topic. But my question is?


For an instance, I want to model an SOC for a Hearing aid device digital part, which actually is an fsm for algorithm implementation.


So at a very initial stage I can model the complete FSM in SystemC easily. But the question arises how could I do architecture exploration with that???


How can I use the SystemC feature that I can plug and play the model's components, for eg, I want to see the response of my SOC with different bus systems or different processors.


How could that be achieved?ed


One of my friend suggested that after the creation of fsm level model, the components be created as per the requirements like for data transfer from one state to another implement DMA etc .??


But this does not make me able to develop my approach for execution.


If anyone could suggest any studying material which could help to develop the modeling approach then it would really be appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,



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The SystemC modelling infrastructure is based on the concept that

processing elements (PE) exchange data over channels. Each PE

does not care HOW the data is transferred to it, but only on WHAT

it has to do with the data.

So, if you have an algorithm, and you model it as a FSM, that is an

architecture itself. Then you might figure out another way of

implementing the same algorithm, and that would be another

architecture. So there is your architecture exploration.

Before jumping in to model a large complicated algorithm,you should

model simpler ones, run and experiment with them to understand

the internal workings of SystemC.

Hope that helps.



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Thanks a lot dakupoto.


I don't want to experiment with SystemC , infact I want to use SystemC for architecture exploration.


I want to create such a model in which I can run it for various bus systems, processors etc.


But the thing is I want to decide from fsm the blocks required for that SOC using SystemC, depending upon the requirement experienced in the model. If this is possible ????? 


Like I am feeling that I want to architect SOC having FSM in hand.


Hope I am able to explain what I need to understand.

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What you're describing sounds like the TLM2 Approximately Timed coding style.


There's a book about TLM modelling




but I don't think it covers TLM2. Nevertheless, it might be a good introduction to modelling concepts.


Also have a look at the various videos and examples on our website




TLM2, especially Approximately Timed, is complex both to implement and to understand. However if you want to follow an industry standard modelling approach, then TLM2 is the one to go for.




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