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SPOILER ALERT:  I figured this one out, but since I'd already typed up most of the question, here it is anyhow posted to the public domain.   Comments welcome.



Who can tell me how to pass a hex value into Systemverilog using uvm_cmdline_processor?


My current code is shown below as well as the command line option that is supplied.

code snippet: 
   bit [31:0] stimulus_xyz_min = 32'h12121212;             // *** setting default here works fine

      `uvm_info(get_type_name(), $psprintf("1st TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=%8h",stimulus_xyz_min), UVM_LOW)
      if (cmdline_proc.get_arg_values(.match("+xyz_min="), .values(arg_values))) begin  
		stimulus_xyz_min = arg_values[$];  
      `uvm_info(get_type_name(), $psprintf("2nd TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=%8h",stimulus_xyz_min), UVM_LOW)


command line option:   //** this value passed in from cmdline is not properly recognized
The edited (for clarity) output is here (where you can see that the above +xyz_min did not 'take'):
1st TEST-SETTINGS. xyz_min=12121212
2nd TEST-SETTINGS. xyz_min=30393039


More +options/results data points listed here:
2nd TEST-SETTINGS. xyz_min=30393039
2nd TEST-SETTINGS. xyz_min=30303030
2nd TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=30303031
2nd TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=30303032
2nd TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=30303230


Woo-hoo.  I looked at some other code I was using, which used


stimulus_lkj = arg_values[$].atoi();

and then in the sv spec found atohex.

Using the following worked (emphasis on .atohex()).


      `uvm_info(get_type_name(), $psprintf("1st TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=%8h",stimulus_xyz_min), UVM_LOW)
      if (cmdline_proc.get_arg_values(.match("+xyz_min="), .values(arg_values))) begin
             stimulus_xyz_min = arg_values[$].atohex();  
      `uvm_info(get_type_name(), $psprintf("2nd TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=%8h",stimulus_xyz_min), UVM_LOW)


2nd TEST-SETTINGS.  xyz_min=1acecafe


Even thoe I initially thought I was seeing the ASCII values, I mistakenly looked at an ASCII table of decimal-to-char, instead of hex-to-char, which further confused me.
I'd even tried this (as a wild hope that cmdline_processor would recognize it):


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