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static sensitivity of systemC processes


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Let us consider the following example:


sc_event a, b;




       sensitive << a << b;



My question is process p here is statically sensitive to (a and b ) OR (a or b )?


I went through the relevant parts of 1666-2011_systemc_manual.pdf. But still I did not find the exact answer.


If anyone knows the answer, it will be great!




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The answer is that it's an OR.  The description of static sensitivity is on page 16


"The sensitivity of a process instance is the set of events and time-outs that can potentially cause the process
to be resumed or triggered. The static sensitivity of an unspawned process instance is fixed during
elaboration. The static sensitivity of a spawned process instance is fixed when the function sc_spawn is
called. The dynamic sensitivity of a process instance may vary over time under the control of the process
itself. A process instance is said to be sensitive to an event if the event has been added to the static sensitivity
or dynamic sensitivity of the process instance. A time-out occurs when a given time interval has elapsed."


By "set of events" it means that any one of those events can cause a process to resume,




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