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Problem about sequence array

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Hi all,


I met one problem when i use the sequence array. The frame of the sequence:













                    |            |----cfg_sqr

                    |            |----cfg_dri





Connect the sqrs

foreach (sub_env[i]) begin
   v_sqr.cfg_sqr[i] = sub_env[i].cfg_agt.cfg_sqr;
   v_sqr.slv_sqr[i] = sub_env[i].slv_agt.slv_sqr;



the size of the sequence array is more than 1, when i run the v_seq, I found that only cfg_seq[0] and slv_seq[0] could generate the specified item with right constraints in macro `uvm_do_with.  Did anybody encounter the same problem and how did you solve it?


Thanks in advance.


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