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UVM Registers common functions

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I was trying to do some register testing , so following issues came up.

Just wanted to know if UVM provide direct functions to check the following??


1) Starting and End Address of the reg model ?

2) Whether a register exists on a particular address? 


Please let me know these.


Thanks and Regards,


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For (1), there is no direct function to get the start and end address of the model (from a given address map) so you would have to write your own. You can use uvm_reg_map::get_registers() to return a list of register handles. You can then get hold of the offset of each register with uvm_reg::get_offset() and from this the lowest / highest addresses in the map.


For (2), you can use uvm_reg_map::get_reg_by_offset(). If the register does not exist at the address, the function returns null.




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