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When agents are configured, I typically see something like this:




Isn't UVM_ACTIVE of type bit?  I see it 'described' here in an enum and given a default value.

src/base/uvm_object_globals.svh: typedef enum bit { UVM_PASSIVE=0, UVM_ACTIVE=1 } uvm_active_passive_enum;


So shouldn't the uvm_config_db line not be:



but instead be:


(I sense that I probably don't have a solid enough understanding of enum and the relationship between bits and ints.)
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If you want to configure agent than you can do it in a following way.




//ethernet tx agent class declaration 
class eth_tx_agent extends uvm_agent;
uvm_active_passive_enum is_active=UVM_ACTIVE;//For active agent and if you want that agent will act as a passive than write UVM_PASSIVE instead of UVM_ACTIVE
  //macro registration
function new(string name, uvm_component parent);
//agent subcomponent instatiation 
eth_driver dri;
eth_monitor mon;
eth_sequencer seq;
//build phase declaration-create agent's subcomponent
virtual function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
  mon=eth_monitor :: type_id::create("mon",this);
    if(is_active == UVM_ACTIVE)
      seq=uvm_sequencer #(eth_transaction) ::type_id::create("seq",this);
dri=eth_driver :: type_id :: create("dri",this);
//connect phase declaration-connect component tlm port
virtual function void connect_phase(uvm_phase phase);
  if(is_active == UVM_ACTIVE)
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 I don't see the connection between your response and my question.  Did you respond to the wrong topic, by chance?


 I did meander a bit with my question.  To clarify, what is the difference between the following two lines?




Is the second one correct and the first one 'just works' (with Cadence irun v12.2) because of loose typing in systemverilog and/or my simulator?

(I see the second one in a fair number of 'examples' online.  This has been a minor hang-up and area of confusion for me as I attempt to improve my uvm_config_db understanding.) 


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The correct answer is the following:

uvm_config_db#(uvm_bitstream_t)::set(this, "A.hostB", "is_active", UVM_ACTIVE);


The code snippets in your post will not actually do anything (try setting "is_active" to UVM_PASSIVE with your code, it will have no effect).

If you look inside the uvm_agent base class, you will see the following:


virtual class uvm_agent extends uvm_component;

  uvm_active_passive_enum is_active = UVM_ACTIVE; // So the default setting for "is_active" is UVM_ACTIVE

  . . .

  function void build_phase (uvm_phase phase);

    int active;


    if (get_config_int("is_active", active)) is_active = uvm_active_passive_enum'(active);


  . . .



Since get_config_int is actually mapped to the method uvm_config_db#(uvm_bitstream_t)::get(cntxt,...) then the configuration setting must be of type uvm_bitstream_t. Inside the build_phase function, you can see that a static cast is used to convert to uvm_active_passive_enum.




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