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Hi, experts,

I met one problem when i use the `uvm_do_callbacks macro.

The way of using `uvm_do_callbacks macro:



•class  A extends uvm_callback;
•    virtual task pre_tran(mac_driver  mac_drv, ref mac_transaction tr);
•    endtask
•endclass //A
•typedef uvm_callbacks#(mac_driver, A) A_pool;
•class mac_driver extends uvm_driver#(mac_transaction);
•    ···
•    `uvm_register_cb(mac_driver, A);
•endclass //mac_driver
•task mac_driver ::main_phase();
•    ···
•    while(1)  begin
•       ···
•       `uvm_do_callbacks(mac_driver, A, pre_tran());
•       ···
•    ···
•endtask //main_phase
•class  mac_callback extends A;
•    virtual task pre_tran(mac_driver  mac_drv, ref mac_transaction tr);
•        $display(“pre_tran, the transaction is:”);
•        tr.print();
•    endtask
•    `uvm_object_utils(mac_callback);
•class base_test extends uvm_test;
•    ···
•    mac_callback mac_cb;
•    ···
•    function void connect_phase ()
•        mac_cb = mac_callback::type_id::create(“mac_cb”);
•        A_pool::add(mac_env.agt.drv, mac_cb);
•        ···
•    endfunction
•endclass //mac_driver
VCS error information:
  Could not find member 'pre_tran' in class 'mac_driver', at 
  "../sv/04_driver/430_mac_driver.sv", 56. Instance stack trace:
      mac_pkg  ../sv/mac_pkg.sv, 2
Could anybody tell me why? Thanks in advance!


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