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Help in run phase() of driver class in uvm?

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Hello all,

I m working on uvm. In driver class, I am getting packets and then I need to convert each byte of each packet in 10 bits by using 8b10b encoder. These 10bits are then need to be converted from parallel to serial bacause the DUT takes input serially. I am confused how to tackle these tasks. I am hoping that 8b10b encoder and parallel in serial out(piso) to use as virtual tasks which can be called during the run phase() of driver, right? Please correct me anyone, if I am wrong?

Also how to pass the output of 8b10b encoder, the 10 bits, to PISO? Can the output of one task can be given to input of another/next task, just like that, i mean with no real problem? Or how else I should put these two tasks properly in driver class? Any help is appreciated.



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