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UVM_REG backdoor access

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Hi ,

I am trying to implement register backdoor access with user defined register backdoor by extending uvm_reg_backdoor.

class peri_reg_backdoor extends uvm_reg_backdoor

virtual task write(uvm_reg_item rw);

$root.top.DUT.reg = 8'h41;



when i am compile this code it is showing error

illegal location for ahierarchical name (in a package).

but in examples i am finding that WRITE method is user define and by giving the hierarchy path of register we can directly configure our registers.I want to know what is the overcome for this issue in IUS.

Thanks in advance


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Hi sword_hs.

I am trying to get it resolved,but currently my front door access is working and I am focusing on that.

so once i will get to know to resolve backdoor issue,that i will keep in this thread.

mean while if you are finding any ways to come up from this error Please let us know.


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