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Sequence Libraries / uvm_sequence_library

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Hi, All -

In Adam Erickson's paper on "Are OVM & UVM Macros Evil? …" in section 2.5, Adam warned about `ovm_sequence macros (`ovm_sequence_utils, `ovm_sequencer_utils, `ovm_sequence_lib[_and_item], etc.)

In the same section, Adam warned about sequence libraries, default sequence selection and random sequence selection.

One issue was that the above macros tied a sequence to particular sequencer.

Another issue was the random generation of sequences from a library and the debugging of a design that was stimulated with randomly generated sequences.

Adam noted that the Accellera VIP deprecated the above macros and was looking to implement a replacement with none of the limitations and a number of new features. Is the uvm_sequence_library found in UVM version 1.1c (and perhaps earlier) that replacement? It still may have the same random generation debug issues as before but I was wondering what the different vendors recommend (use it - don't use it) and what some of the expert verification consultants and big-project users think of this capability.

User and vendor feedback encouraged.

Regards - Cliff Cummings


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