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Help in uvm_do macro in UVM methodology?

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Hello all,

Can someone plz give me brief about 'uvm_do and its subordinate macros? Whats exactly their purposes in writing sequences? Can someone plz put some light on it?

Also do sequence/sequencer registration macros are still used? Whats the use of `uvm_update_sequence_lib_and_item macro ?



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You can run the sequence on driver by using `uvm_do_* macros.

It is alternative of using start_item and finish_item in sequence.

Main purpose of this is to allow flexibility in modifying/randomizing transaction item values before sending them to driver.

for example:- you can write in your sequence :-

`uvm_do_with (req , {req.transaction_item1 == value; req,transaction_item2 == value2; })

For more info, You can look in user guide & UVM CRM.

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