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Help in providing dynamic array elements to a CRC generation function?

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Hello All,

I created payload by dynamic arrays in a packet class. Now I want to use these dynamically created payload bytes in CRC generation for polynomial x^16 + x^12 + x^5 + 1, for data width 8 bits. Following is the code of crc I am using:

function [15:0] cal_crc( byte payload);//[1:10]);

//int j;

//for ( integer j = 1; j <= 10 ; j++)


bit [15:0] crc;

reg [7:0] d;

reg [15:0] c;

reg [15:0] newcrc;

d = payload;//[j];

c = crc;

newcrc[0] = d[4] ^ d[0] ^ c[8] ^ c[12];

newcrc[1] = d[5] ^ d[1] ^ c[9] ^ c[13];

newcrc[2] = d[6] ^ d[2] ^ c[10] ^ c[14];

newcrc[3] = d[7] ^ d[3] ^ c[11] ^ c[15];

newcrc[4] = d[4] ^ c[12];

newcrc[5] = d[5] ^ d[4] ^ d[0] ^ c[8] ^ c[12] ^ c[13];

newcrc[6] = d[6] ^ d[5] ^ d[1] ^ c[9] ^ c[13] ^ c[14];

newcrc[7] = d[7] ^ d[6] ^ d[2] ^ c[10] ^ c[14] ^ c[15];

newcrc[8] = d[7] ^ d[3] ^ c[0] ^ c[11] ^ c[15];

newcrc[9] = d[4] ^ c[1] ^ c[12];

newcrc[10] = d[5] ^ c[2] ^ c[13];

newcrc[11] = d[6] ^ c[3] ^ c[14];

newcrc[12] = d[7] ^ d[4] ^ d[0] ^ c[4] ^ c[8] ^ c[12] ^ c[15];

newcrc[13] = d[5] ^ d[1] ^ c[5] ^ c[9] ^ c[13];

newcrc[14] = d[6] ^ d[2] ^ c[6] ^ c[10] ^ c[14];

newcrc[15] = d[7] ^ d[3] ^ c[7] ^ c[11] ^ c[15];

$display("The value of CRC result newcrc = %h ",newcrc); //result);

return newcrc; //result;


endfunction : cal_crc

AND THIS IS HOW I GENERATED payload through dynamic array:-

class transaction extends uvm_sequence_item;//uvm_transaction; //uvm_sequence_item;


rand bit [7:0] sync;

rand bit [15:0] sof;

rand bit [15:0] header;

rand bit[7:0] payload[];

rand bit [15:0] crc;

rand bit [7:0] eof;

constraint data_size_c { payload.size inside { [1 : 10]};};

Can some one please help me that how shall I provide these payload bytes in the CRC function. As you can see in the cal_crc function, I tried to do it by passing argument by value. but its not working. Please help me with this. Its kinda urgent.

Any help is appreciated.



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You can use TLM.Can you explain where you want to use cal_crc in your environment?

According to what I understand,the flow could be like this:-

Your model for cal_crc can make a TLM port which will be connected to monitor (port-import connection).

Now, whatever payload you are driving to DUT, will also be visible to monitor_cb (interface connections) and can be extracted from there.

Now though monitor - model TLM port connections you can pass that payload to your cal_crc model.

Additionally, score boarding can be done by making TLM port connections between model and scoreboard.



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