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Reading/Using an sc_out internally


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It is almost always stupid to try to read from your own output signal (right?)(I just got an infinite loop because it didn't update). I had code along these lines:

sc_out<bool> access1;
sc_out<bool> access2;

   while(!(condition1 || condition2))

       access1 = true;

       access2 = true;
   if(access1 or access2)
       wait(5, SC_SEC);
       access1 = false;
       access2 = false;

The last if could be changed to cond1 or 2 instead of access1 or 2 to remedy this. Any way to make the compiler or the simulator warn me on this kind of code? i.e. whenever an sc_out is being read?

Maybe there are cases when I want to read an output?

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It can make sense to read an output. The classic example is to implement a counter, where you want to increment the count using

count = count + 1;

This will work in SystemC for an output signal port of an integer type.

Of course a counter has a clock.

I would guess your example is a case of combinational feedback, though I can't tell without knowing the sensitivity of your process,



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