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  1. As mentioned by Alan, using SC_METHOD is mostly recommended due to context switching involved with SC_THREADs and in your case since you don't have any blocking needs or delays to be inserted , SC_METHOD should be the preferrable choice. Regards, Sandeep Jana
  2. I am sorry I am not able to understand the statement " If I use a SystemC SC_METHOD, they will always get executed". SC_METHOD will only get executed in case of activity on their senstivity list. If I have understood your problem correctly then the above statement rstall <= resetn and pcirst when PCIEN else resetn; can be implemented as follows. SC_METHOD(drive_rstall); sensitive << resetn << pcirst; void drive_rstall(void) { if(PCIEN){ rstall.write(resetn.read() & pcirst.read()); }else{ rstall.write(resetn.read()); } } So the above process will only be executed whenever there is any activity on resetn and pcirst. Hope it helps. Although I am not an expert on VHDL to SystemC conversion but there are some commericial tools available from companies like Carbon which can convert your behavioral VHDL/Verilog code to equivalent SystemC code. You may explore them too.
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