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dropping all objections

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I've got an object which over the course of a test raises one or more objections. At some point, I need to drop all outstanding objections. It could be any amount outstanding, including none at all.

To drop all outstanding objections, I thought I could just use the count paramter of drop_objection(), like so:

drop_objection (this, .count (get_objection_count(this)));

This works fine except when there are no outstanding objections on that object. A drop_objection (.count(0)) will result in an UVM_FATAL [OBJTN_ZERO] Object "..." attempted to drop objection count below zero.

I have not found anything in the UVM documentation that I am not allowed to do this. (It does say must not go below 0, but I'm not doing that.)

I have put the drop_objection() inside an if statement, that works fine. But should I really have to do this? I think a better solution would be to do this check inside function void m_drop() in uvm_objection.svh.

Comments appreciated...



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