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The analysis FIFO is an unbounded implementation of TLM FIFOs (tlm_fifo being the base class) does provide different APIs to look into the FIFO, incl. try_peek.

Just to be sure I know what has been done, pl. provide the code snippet of the definition of the TLM interfaces and connection to the FIFO. Also have you created the FIFO in the build phase and the associated TLM interfaces.

For example.

class a extends uvm_scoreboard;

ovm_analysis_export #(item) a_exp;

ovm_tlm_analysis_fifo #(item) a_fifo;

function voild build();


a_exp = new ("a_exp", this);

a_fifo = new("a_fifo",this);


function void connect();



task run();

item l_item;



Now the default implementation of the write API function is try_put into the FIFO, which off course has to be implemented on the put side by user defined write API.

Good luck.

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