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precedence of set_config/config_db in build phase

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In our environment, we overwrite few variables using set_config/config_db in test file. these variable also have a default value set in base test class.

Following pseudo code shows the guts of it.

class test extends test_base


virtual function build()


this.set_config_int("*", "timer", 300);




class test_base extends uvm_test


virtual function build()


this.set_config_int("*", "timer", 100);




In OVM this was working fine and "timer" used to get the value "300". Now we have the environment migrated to UVM and this is not working anymore.

By adding a print statement in both build(), I see the following behavior:

for OVM:

OVM_INFO @ 0.000 ns: ovm_test_top [ovm_test_top] timer = 100

OVM_INFO @ 0.000 ns: ovm_test_top [ovm_test_top] test: timer = 300

for UVM:

UVM_INFO @ 0.000 ns: uvm_test_top [uvm_test_top] test: timer = 300

UVM_INFO @ 0.000 ns: uvm_test_top [uvm_test_top] timer = 100

Am I missing any thing obvious here, during OVM to UVM migration?


Manju Shetty

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