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[UVM REG] Can a user-defined frontdoor access invoke built-in frontdoor access?

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I'm trying to use user-defined frontdoor accesses to model my DUT's register pages. So what I'd like to do in my frontdoor handler is:

1. Check page of register in question

2. Check page DUT is currently set to

3. If those aren't the same, invoke pagereg.write(STATUS, {HI,LO}PAGE)

4. Invoke register_in_question.write(STATUS, value)

But in step 4 I need the write to have its default behavior, rather than keep going through the user-defined routine. But I can't find a way of invoking it to do that. (I looked at the UVM source, but maybe I missed something.)

This seems like a pretty typical thing to want to do, but I can't find any relevant examples. Any pointers?

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