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uvm_mem backdoor access

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I'm now building a uvm_mem model and try the frontdoor access with burst_write and burst_read,

all works fine.

And I tried to test the backdoor access with peek/poke,

after searching for some information, it seems to have uvm_reg_backdoor extension set to uvm_mem first, then I need to implement the virtual task/func "write" and "read_func" in child class

of uvm_reg_backdoor.

I confused that how to implement those two overloaded "write" and "read_func" ?

Seems that should directly write to and read from uvm_mem object, but should they still use

frontdoor access "read/write" APIs of uvm_mem or the backdoor way (still peek or poke) ?

I ever tried the frontdoor access but it then call to "reg2bus" again,

and the simulation is hanged in backdoor way.

Can anyone give me some hints or examples ?

Thanks in advance !

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