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passing info to RAL driver (or what's the point of uvm_reg_adapter)

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Hi all,

I did a quick scan and didn't find an answer so hopefully someone can help here. I've got a UVM RAL connected in the usual way to a uvm_driver using a uvm_reg_adapter. I'm trying to figure out a way to pass an attribute stored in a uvm_reg object to the uvm_driver and it seems to me the uvm_reg_adapter should serve this purpose, however as far as I can tell the uvm_reg_adapter has no visibility into the transaction other than what's contained in the uvm_reg_bus_op. I see how the read()/write() extension argument along with get_item can be used here so that's my preferred solution so far, however I was wondering if there's another, simpler solution I'm not seeing.

To be slightly more specific, the uvm_driver can access multiple access ports internally and which port to use is determined by which block a register belongs to. The assignment of register block to port isn't done sequentially by address, so it's something I need to store and maintain with the register (or reg_block, really). Segregating them by register maps is also not possible unfortunately.

I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!


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