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Sequence Arbitration

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I am new to UVM. I have a question.

There are 4 links coming out from a host and there are 4 sequencers in my environment. One sequencer for each link. The hierarchy will look like seq0.drv0.env0, seq1.drv1.env1 and so on.

Now there is one sequence which I want to run randomly on the 4 above sequencers. How I will do that?



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I really don't understand your setup so maybe you can clarify. I've never seen someone put env inside of a drv and drv inside a sequencer. The examples I've seen have a single env with two agents, a master, which is active, and a slave, which is passive. Please define your term, host links, and explain again what you are trying to do for those of us who don't understand.



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