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nested interfaces

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When I try to access a DUT signal in a uvm monitor via nested interfaces I get the following error message

"Hierarchical reference through an instance not implemented yet"

Am I doing something wrong / This feature will be implemented in future versions / never / is there a work around ?

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I think its pretty clear that this is a tool dependent issue. Last time i checked, VCS 2011 didnt support nested interface nor the 2012 version. Questasim supports but functionality is not stable. Cadence, i am not sure, other people can give you more inputs. But since the error indicates "Hierarchical reference through an instance not implemented yet" its not specific to the nested interface and there may be or may not be support from the tools as SV LRM itself quotes

"an interface may contain hierarchical references to objects outside its body or ports that reference other interfaces, it shall be illegal to use an interface containing those references in the declaration of a virtual interface"



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